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Use our API to integrate with any CRM and access your meeting data.

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The Salesroom API is a REST interface for retrieving meeting and recording data from your Salesroom account. You can also add Webhooks for a number of events to help tie Salesroom data into your custom workflow.

API Documentation

πŸ“– You can find full details about the API here

Creating an API Key

API keys can be generated for an Organization or a Team within an Organization. You'll need the correct permissions to be able to generate API keys and manage webhooks. At the organization level that is "Organization Owner" only. And at a team level that is "Team Manager" or "Organization Owner".

You'll find the API Configuration in

  • Organization Settings -> API Configuration

  • Team Settings -> API Configuration

All you need to do is click "Create new API Key" and fill out the form.

Once your key is generated you'll be prompted to copy it and store it safely. IMPORTANT - You will only be shown the key once and there is no way to recover it. If you lose the key then you'll need to generate a new one.

You'll still be able to edit the name, status and description of the key to help you and others identify it.

Creating a Webhook

Salesroom supports several events:

  • meeting_created

  • meeting_started

  • meeting_ended

  • meeting_summary_generated

  • meeting_recordings_available

You can find more details in the API documentation too. To create a new Webhook simply click the "Create new Webhook" button and fill out the form. Your new webhook will be notified about any subscribed event. And it will be immediately called with a subscribed event. The Webhook must respond with a 200 response or it will be disabled.

You can edit the name, status and description, events and URL of the webhook to help you and others manage it.

Using your API Key

Once you have generated an API Key on the Organization or Team level, you'll need to add it to the header of your request with the name X-Salesroom-Token.

πŸ—£οΈ If you'd like us to add more endpoints or different events, please get in touch to discuss your requirements.

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