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How to join a Meeting by phone
How to join a Meeting by phone

How to join a Salesroom Meeting from your phone.

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Most mobile devices will support Salesroom meetings, you can check out a list of our recommended Browsers and Devices here. Some features are limited or missing due to the screen size or browser support, but you can also Join a meeting from your phone by dialling in.


To join a Salesroom meeting by phone click "Join using a phone for audio"

Then you can select your location to show the correct dial-in number

Follow the instructions to enter the conference ID and join the call.

Dial in from your calender invite

You'll also find the dial-in numbers in the calendar invite if your using google calendar or outlook.

Share dial in details

If you need to share the dial in details with anyone you can also find them in the about tab of the meeting.

In the Call

Meeting participants that dial-in don’t will show in the main with a phone icon but will not be included in transcription or insights.

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