Salesforce Integration

Connecting Salesforce with Salesroom allows you to create an event on an opportunity, lead for contact after each meeting.

Usage Instructions

Connecting Salesforce

Navigate to the Salesroom Settings / Connections page, and click "Connect to Salesforce".
Salesforce will ask you to confirm which account you want to connect to and to allow the connection.
That's it!

Sending Meetings to Salesforce

Within the meeting hub, if you click on "Sync". You will now see a new button called "Sync with Salesforce"; clicking on this will bring up a search box so you can find the right opportunity to sync to. Use the search box to find the opportunity, lead for contact you wish to create a new event on and when ready, click the "Salesforce Sync" button.
notion image
Once synced the original "Sync to Salesforce" button will now say "View on Salesforce". A new call log would have been created with the following (and likely more) content.
Salesroom meeting recap Relationship name: Endercot Inc + Acme Inc Title: Pricing Call Meeting Time: Monday 6th June 2022, 1740 to 1824 (GMT+0) Duration: 44 minutes 53 seconds Meeting Participants: Chuck Hardy <[email protected]> Meeting link:
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