We believe that video is a far more powerful medium to share and carry forward understanding. Recording on Salesroom is explicitly designed to help you take fewer notes and stay more aligned and on track. In Salesroom, everyone is empowered to see content they were involved in, create, share and organise, all in service of working together to find success. The recording includes the video itself, audio with transcription and essential information we detect, like questions and next steps. As Salesroom improves, so will the features and value of Recording.


With Recording turned on you get access to these unique features.
  • Bookmarking. Quickly mark important moments during calls as you experience them and optionally provide additional context for your future self. Bookmarks are private to each participant and allow you to jump to and reference important moments when re-watching the call. e.g. Bookmarking the moment the buyer mentioned how excellent your product was.
  • Highlights. Sharable and reusable snippets of video. e.g. A 30-second video taken from the original 60-minute meeting video for you can share with your boss to show the excitement of others.
  • Sharing. Everyone who participates in a call gets to see the content generated during the call, the video, transcript and any vital information Salesroom detected. Additionally, download the video & transcript or sync the call with Gong and/or Salesforce.


  • Recording will automatically stop after two hours of continuous recording. You can manually restart recording if needed.

Usage Instructions

Turning Recording On/Off

There is a recording button on the bottom left that the meeting owner or anyone with owner permissions in the Relationships, can start and stop. When recording is enabled, participants in the lobby will see a red banner and be able to change their consent.
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Setting Meeting Default

Within your settings, you can set meeting defaults which will apply to all meetings. You will have the same options when editing a meeting from the Lobby or even in the call itself.

Privacy & GDPR

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Your Data

  • Change your Recording at anytime.
  • Video is stored securely by Salesroom in the cloud.
  • Transcription and other detected content are encrypted and stored securely in Salesroom databases.
  • The meeting owner can delete the recording at any time, and gone means gone.
  • Your video and transcription data are downloadable by any participant.
  • Any participant can sync your video with other parties like Gong or Salesforce.

Announcing Recording

Within your settings, you can select for recordings to be announced by Salesroom when participants join the meeting. Sounds like this.
Recording Started
Recording Stopped


Salesroom values privacy and gives each participant the option to decide how their likeness will be utilized.
When Recording is on, your consent will be respected. Every participant gets to decide what is recorded and used after the meeting ends.
You can't change your consent once you are in the meeting; you will have to refresh the page and return to the Lobby.


Everything on - This is the default and what Salesroom recommends participants use for their meetings as it allows for the most value in moving deals forward after the meeting. It's what most people are used on other video conferencing providers when the meeting is being recorded.
  • Video Off. We won't add you to the video recording after the meeting, including highlights. This is the most common option as some participants, for many reasons, don't want their video to be captured and used anywhere other than the live meeting itself. The only way to achieve this with other video conferencing platforms is to either not record or keep the camera off during the meeting.
  • Audio Off. We won't capture what you say in the video recording, including highlights. It's uncommon to select this, but the choice is yours. An example of when you might want to turn audio off is if there is a meeting where you are happy for transcriptions to be taken but don't want your voice in the video recording.
  • Transcription Off. We won't transcribe what you say. At the very least, Salesroom recommends participants keep transcription on as it makes a big difference in helping move the deal forward after the meeting.
To get to the consent options when recording are off, click the "Recording Consent" in the Lobby. Toggle the options off or on as needed, your choices will be remembered. When recording is on, participants will see a red banner reminding them that they can change their consent.
In the call, from the participant's tab, you are able to see who gave what consent.
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