PipeDrive Integration

Salesroom integrates with PipeDrive using your
Personal Link
. It's as simple as including your link as the location for an activity.

Usage Instructions

Salesroom does not yet have a custom Video Call Integration with Pipedrive.

Syncing from PipeDrive to Google Calendar

When an event is scheduled, if Salesroom is connected using the
Google Calendar Integration
Google Calendar Integration
we will detect that you used your personal link and replace it with a new meeting to allow you to better prepare and plan for your meetings.
New HubSpot Activity
New HubSpot Activity
After Sync with Google Calendar
After Sync with Google Calendar

Syncing from Google Calendar to PipeDrive

Whatever link you insert into the video conferencing section of your Google Calendar event, if you don’t have the corresponding add-on installed in PipeDrive, it won’t show in your PipeDrive activity. The same is try for all apps that sync via Google Calendar with PipeDrive.
What this means is that accessing the link needs to be done via the event on Google Calendar and not via PipeDrive.