There are two types of notifications on Salesroom. In-Meeting Behavioural Notifications (BN) which are designed to change behavior in the moment. And In-App, Email or Slack Notification which are designed to get your attention about activity outside of meetings.

Usage Instructions

Notifications come in three colors.
  • Red: Something that needs your attention and will help you in the moment
  • Orange: Something that is good to know
  • Blue: Useful to know

Example Notification

Notifications show in the top middle of your screen, just under the camera to ensure your eye-line and focus remains on the participants.
notion image

Soft Skill Coaching Notifications

These behavioral notification are there to help you course-correct in real-time, when it matters most.
Shows When
Buyer / Guest
Speaking for 2 Minutes (or 3 when screen-sharing)
You speak continually for a long period, without giving other participants an opportunity to participate.
Speaking too Fast
When you are speaking faster than expected for a Sales conversation.
Interruption Detected
When you interrupt others on the call.
Repetitive Word Detected
When you use the same words over and over. We will suggest an alternative.
Excessive Profanity Detected
When you use profanity multiple times.
Hedge Or Filler Word Detected
Warns you when overusing words like ”um”, “maybe”, “like”, “think”, etc

Activity Notifications

Get notified when there is an activity that needs your attention.
Buyer / Guest
Participant Unmuted
Participant Joined Meeting
Participant Raised Hand
Participant Shared Screen
Recording Started / Stopped
Chat Mention (displayed to the mentioned participant only)
Issues (recording, files, screen share)

Selecting Notification Channels

You can select if you want to get notified by either In-App Notifications, Email, Slack or all three in Settings → Notifications.
notion image