IP Allowlist (Enterprise)

Used by some organizations, an IP allowlist is a list that some companies need to provide. It’s a list of approved IP addresses that allow the organization to lets Salesroom be used on their network with the highest of confidence.
If a company firewall blocks Salesroom, the following IP addresses must be listed to allow access.

Usage Instructions

Why Would Salesroom be Blocked?

Some organizations use IP allowlisting as a security measure to protect against unauthorized access and to prevent cyber attacks. By limiting access to approved IP addresses, the risk of malicious activity from unknown sources is reduced.
For example, a company may use IP allowlisting to restrict access to their corporate network or sensitive data to only employees from approved locations or devices. Similarly, a website may use IP allowlisting to restrict access to certain content or services to users accessing the site from specific countries or regions.
Overall, IP allowlisting is a critical security feature that can help organizations ensure that their networks and applications are only accessed by authorized users and devices.

IP Addresses

All IP addresses must allow traffic on TCP port 443 and UDP port 443.
IP List for Media Service
IP List for Signaling and AP Service
North America
UDP: 443TCP: 443
UDP: 443TCP: 443
UDP: 443TCP: 443
UDP: 443TCP: 443
Southeast Asia
UDP: 443TCP: 443
Mainland China
UDP: 443TCP: 443