HubSpot Integration

Usage Instructions

After each call, Salesroom will sync to an existing meeting or create a new meeting in HubSpot automatically. Including team notes and any questions the buyer asked.


Navigate to the Salesroom Settings / Connections page, locate the HubSpot card in the CRM section and press “Connect to HubSpot” button.
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Salesroom will ask you to grant the following permissions. We don't store any of your data and don’t do anything other than create and update meetings.
  • View properties and other details about contacts.
  • Create, delete, or make changes to contacts.
  • View details about users assigned to a CRM record.
We are currently awaiting approval from HubSpot, until we have it you will see this banner when connecting Salesroom.
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How to Use

Syncing is automatic by default. If meeting wasn’t created in Google Calendar a new meeting will be created, and associations to existing leads will be created automatically.

Syncing Recordings Scheduled in Google Calendar

Only meetings scheduled in HubSpot will be automatically updated by Salesroom. Learn how to add HubSpot Calendar integration by reading HubSpot Calendar integration manual.
To sync recording, create a meeting in Google Calendar and add Salesroom meeting link using Google Calendar / Salesroom integration. HubSpot meeting will be synced automatically soon after call in Salesroom is ended.

Syncing Team Notes & Questions

Any questions Salesroom detects from anyone outside your team during the meeting will be synced to Salesroom.
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  • The Google Calendar meeting in HubSpot was not updated
    • And there is no other meeting
      • A lead in HubSpot did not exist for at least one of the meeting participants
    • And a new meeting was created.
      • This happens when we can’t link the two meetings together for some reason. We are working with HubSpot to improve this edge case.
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