Highlights on Salesroom allow you to share and revisit only the moments that matter. Asking others to rewatch the entire meeting is unfair, rather create and send a few highlights.

Usage Instructions

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Creating a highlight from the meeting hub is designed to be quick and simple. Here is a short video showing how.


You can save a highlight you are working on as a draft, so you can come back later and edit it. Until you publish a highlight it's not sharable.


Clicking "Create" will extract your highlight from the recording as a separate video file so you can share and reuse just that part.


Under each highlight, using the ⠇ menu, you will find the edit option. You can update the title, description and permissions.


You can share a highlight even when it's still processing. Anyone who views the highlight during the brief processing time will see a screen asking them to check back in a minute.


  • Share to web. Create a public shareable link. Anyone with access to the public link can view the highlight.
  • Visible to anyone with meeting access. Anyone with access to the meeting can view the highlight from their meeting hub. This includes all participants, relationship members, and everyone with given access to this meeting.


Highlights can be found in the meeting hub of each meeting or on the highlights page where you can Search and filter by creator or relationship.

Highlight Playlists

Watch and contribute to a collection of highlights as if they were a single recording. Jumping into your recent page, highlights tab, select any tags or search, then click "Play All Highlights".
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