Gong Integration

After each call, we will send the recording to Gong immediately after the call ends.

Usage Instructions

How to Connect

Ensure recording or telephony call import is enabled for the user.
  1. Get Gong API Keys
  1. Get Gong Member ID
  1. Update Salesroom Connections Page
Firstly, ask an admin to generate API keys for you and for your user id. To do this, sign in to Gong with an account that has Technical Administrator permissions. Then locate the company’s key and secret from the Gong Public API. To create a new one, click the “Create”.
If needed, you can find your user id yourself by visiting the team's page, clicking on your name and then looking in the URL for the number after "team-member-id", should look something like this "5661392999215179263". If you can't find your member id there, have a look at the Gong company team page as well, in the URL you should look for "user-id" rather than "team-member-id".
Be sure to use your user id; otherwise, the calls you send to Gong will be attributed to someone else on your team.
Now navigate to the Salesroom Settings / Connections page, paste your API Access Key and Access Key Secret and your user id in the field provided and click "Connect to Gong"
All done! You can revoke access at any time.
Video preview
All keys/credentials were deleted after recording this video.

How to Use

Sending Recordings to Gong

Syncing is automatic by default. If turned off, within a meeting, you will now see a new button called "Sync with Gong"; clicking on this will send the recording to Gong for analysis.

Finding Recordings on Gong

Within a meeting, after you have synced a call with Gong, click “Sync” and then “View on Gong”, this will take you directly to the Gong page for this call.


Gong Said Your Credentials Are Invalid

To fix the invalid credentials error, you need to:
  1. get Gong API Keys
  1. get Gong Member ID
  1. update your credentials on Salesroom settings connection page.
For more instructions on getting Gong API keys and Gong Member ID. Please refer to our “How to Connect” instructions or contact our support team.
To update your credentials on Salesroom settings connection page. Navigate to "Your profile" by pressing on your avatar on the top right, press "Settings" and then "Connections". Locate Gong Card in “Analysis” section and press “Disconnect” button. This will remove your invalid credentials from our system.
notion image
Now press the “Connect to Gong” button.
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Paste your Member Id, API Access Key, and Access Key Secret in the fields provided and press the "Connect" button.

Gong Said There was a Problem with Synching this Recording

This kind of error means there was a problem with our app. Our system is designed in a way that captures such errors, and our engineers are notified about it immediately. As it is a problem affecting our customers directly, such errors are handled with the highest priority.
We will notify you via email as soon as the problem is resolved.

You Have Installed Gong Integration Already

This error means you have your Gong integration already installed, and the integration should be working correctly. Follow “Gong Said Your Credentials Are Invalid” to reinstall your Gong integration in Salesroom.

This Meeting was Synced Already

Salesroom only allows syncing a recording once; that means your call was already synced in Gong and should be visible in “My Calls” Tab on Gong.io Home page.
Please contact us at [email protected] if that’s not the case.

Without Using Salesroom’s Integration

Gong has a guide about how to upload recordings manually, as well as a guide on how to associate them with an account manually.
Firstly, visit Salesroom and find the meeting you wish to upload to Gong. Then on the top right, click ⠇ and then press “Downloads”.
notion image
Now press “Download recording”. This might take some time, depending on how long the meeting was. If you have multiple recordings, you can either download the one you want or all of them.
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Now that you have the recording downloaded. Go to Gong → Conversations tab, and on the right, you will see “Upload calls”, press this.
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Select the file you downloaded from Salesroom and then click “Upload”.
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Once uploaded, Gong will take an hour or more to process the call. They will send you an email when it's done.
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