Only your team will see bookmarks and comments. Anyone outside of your team won’t see them at all.
Mark important moments during and after the meeting with a bookmark to quickly find them later. Allows
to be created quickly and for teams to comment on.

Usage Instructions

Press B to capture a bookmark.
Bookmarks are designed to help your ability to search and find important moments enriched with human context that was thought of in real-time. Each team member might have a thought, idea, or observation that is unique to them, and they can quickly bookmark that moment with additional context and get their team's thoughts. e.g. Competitor Pain.
Bookmarks are different from
as they allow you to capture thoughts without looking away from the camera, in a sort of "Fire and Forget" approach. So pressing "B" and optionally typing any context and hitting Enter means you are capturing valuable information as it crosses your mind, without other participants even realizing.
You can…
  • Comment on a specific bookmark
  • @ mention anyone on your team
  • Reply in threads
  • Delete a bookmark
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