Team owners can manage their entire team in one place and see members Meetings,
etc, without needing to be granted permission. Joining a team means others can help coach, review, or step in whenever needed.


  • Team owner can see all their teams data without needing to be invited to meetings.
  • Inviting someone to a team gives the team owner full ownership of their data.
  • Team members can watch other members highlights, contribute to team notes and request access to meetings they are curious about.


  • Users can only be a member of one team at a time.

Usage Instructions

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Naming Your Team

Your team name is your company name on Salesroom. It will show up in the calendar invite your customers see. You can always change this at any time from the team settings page under “Company Name”.
Example of Google Calendar Event
Example of Google Calendar Event


You can invite people to your team regardless of whether they have a Salesroom account or not. If they already have an account, remember that you will gain control of their data after they accept your invite so be sure before inviting.
From the team page, click the “Invite member” button, add their email address, select the permission level and click “Invite”. They will show as “Invite Pending” until your invite is accepted.


Invite Members
Remove Members
Start Meeting on Behalf of Meeting Owner
Watch Other Members Highlights
View Other Member's Files
Request Access to Meeting
Contribute to Team in Lobby
See List of Members Meetings
View Meeting + Watch Recording
Request Access to Meeting

Invite Email

After you invite a new person to your team they will receive the following email explaining what is happening and allowing them to accept your invite.
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From the team members page you can edit members to change their permissions.


Removing a member will deactivate their account within Salesroom. You can invite them back to the team to restore access to their data.


Team Details

Add your Company Name, Description, Website and Logo to ensure all your teams show the correct company information everywhere on Salesroom.

Filtering Team Content for Team Owners

Team member's meetings,
etc will show to all team owners. You can filter by team member or show just your content or just your team’s content.