Meeting tags are a manual way for Sales professionals to connect their Meetings together. Connecting Meetings help you find and use the data you create quickly and efficiently before, during and after the call.

Usage Instructions

Tag by Type

Your team will start of with a few tags by default:
notion image
Grouping your meetings by these type tags will help you answer questions such as:
  • How many “Discovery” calls did we have this week?
  • What is the Engagement Score on the Meetings that have “Closed”?
  • What Meeting should I “Follow Up” on?
Once you have attached a tag to a meeting you can filter your recent meetings to find what you are looking for.
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Tag by Deal

We also suggest you create your own custom tags to group Meetings together by Deal or Opportunity.
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Then you quickly be able to find all your recent Meetings in Salesroom. This is really useful for managers and colleagues to see the progress over time.

Tag by “you choose”

There are no limits on the naming convention here, so discuss with your team what is the most useful. Internally at Salesroom we have created Tags such as “Customer Support”, “Security”, and “User Interview”. Let us know how you Tag your meetings.