Mac OS Screen Share Permissions

When trying to share your screen, after clicking "share", nothing might happen, here is why.
Apple Macs are amazing for security. One of Apple's decisions a few years ago was that no app (not even Zoom) could look at the screen without express permission from you. All apps have to follow the same process you will see below.
So to screen-share on Salesroom, you need to give your browser permissions since Salesroom runs in your browser. If you already use Google Meets or another web video conferencing software, you likely won't have to do this step as your browser already has the permissions it needs.

Giving Permissions

Navigate to "System Preferences" on your Mac, found via the Apple Logo on the top left of your screen. Once there, click on "Security & Privacy".
notion image
Ensure you are on the "Privacy" tab, (1) unlock your preferences on the bottom left, (2) select "Screen Recording" from the list and (3) check the browser you are using with Salesroom.
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After completing the steps above, your browser will want to restart; this is the last time you need to do this.
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Browser Already Had Permissions

Uncommon but sometimes, browsers make software updates which get them out of sync with the operating system. If your browser already had permissions and you still can't screen-share, the likely fix is to simply remove permissions (uncheck & restart) and then give permissions back (check & restart).