Getting Started


React with Emoji’s

Use reactions for instant and interactive feedback. Try it now by pressing a button or hit the 4 to celebrate the moment.
Press 4 to celebrate the moment.

Use Conversational Intelligence

your meetings to capture next steps, questions, live transcription and highlights.

Bookmark a Moments & Share a Highlight

Mark important moments during and after the meeting with a bookmark to quickly find it later. Allows
to be created quickly.
Press B to capture a bookmark.

Share & Track Files

within Salesroom gives you more confidence before going into meetings. Because Salesroom tells you who viewed what and for how long, you can go into conversations knowing rather than guessing.

Make a Plan

Meeting Templates
help you stay on track during meetings. Salesroom provides expertly crafted templates, and you can create your own. Templates are available in the Notes section of every meeting.

Meeting Recap

Once you've finished experimenting in the call, leave the meeting here to enter the Hub and continue your journey.
Meeting Hub

Create a Team

Team owners can manage their entire team in one place and see members Meetings,
etc, without needing to be granted permission. Joining a team means others can help coach, review, or step in whenever needed.

Schedule Meetings

Use our
Google Calendar Integration
Google Calendar Integration
to scheduled Salesroom meetings from your calendar or share your
Personal Link
with anyone to create meetings on the fly. You can also use
Slack Integration
Slack Integration
to schedule instant meetings.