Quick and Effective Call Reviews

Salesroom helps get more value out of your meeting recordings. We do this by helping you quickly find the critical moments of every meeting, saving time and increasing the likelihood that meeting reviews happen. Here's the best practice for reviewing calls quickly and effectively:

Team Bookmarks

The most effective way to review calls is by Bookmarking key moments live on the call for you and your team. Just hit “b” on your keyboard to leave a bookmark.
However, if you forgot to bookmark moments on the call, the steps below work just as well!
Once you find the moments you want to review, you can leave a comment for your team or create a shareable highlight.
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Once in the
Meeting Hub
, click on any event in the timeline below the recording to fast-forward to this exact moment in the meeting. For example, a moment when a participant started screen sharing or a particular reaction was used.
Press play, and the recording will start playing from this moment. The transcript will automatically fast-forward to the exact moment as well.
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Throughout your meeting, your Insights has been capturing questions and the next steps discussed during the meeting. Going into the Insights will show you a list of questions and next steps.
In the right corner of each question/next step is a menu. Pressing “View in Context” will bring you to the exact moment in the meeting where this question / next step was raised. Press play to start playing the recording from that moment.
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Meeting transcripts are searchable. Use the search bar above the transcript to find to look for moments in the meeting when a particular word was used, for example “pricing” or a name of one of your competitors.
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