This feature is in active development and will continue to improve based on customer feedback.
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Sharing files within Salesroom gives you more confidence before going into meetings. Because Salesroom tells you who viewed what and for how long, you can go into conversations knowing rather than guessing.

Usage Instructions

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Viewing Stats

You can view how often a file has been viewed or downloaded or for how long. A summary of the stats is shown on each file card. To access more detailed stats, you can click “View Details” from the extended menu on the file card.
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Stats Privacy

Who sees file stats?
  • File owners, as long as they are a seller. So if the buyer uploads a file, they won’t see stats.
  • Team owners


You can upload files to share with participants before, during and after the meeting via the files tab on the right. In the meeting, you can also use the
You can also keep all your files within Salesroom by uploading them to your Files library.


All files, regardless of which meeting they were shared in, can be viewed within your Files Library.
Files uploaded for a specific meeting, either before, during or after the meeting, can be viewed from the
Meeting Hub
files tab or the recent tab under files.


Replacing files ensures you can update a specific file for everyone you have previously shared that file with.


Deleting a file from within the Files Library will delete it for everyone that has previously had access. Deleting a file from Chat will remove it from the files list for that meeting.

Searching & Filtering

Quickly find files you have access to by…
  • Searching using the files name or extension
  • Filtering by
    • Everyone (all files, regardless of who shared them)
    • Your team (all files that your team has shared)
      • Or a specific team member
    • Just yours (all files you have shared)
    • Others (all files that neither you nor your team has shared)