Customized Lobby

Customizing your Lobby helps set you apart and creates moments of serendipity.

Usage Instructions

Adding New Background

You can upload a new background image in Settings → Meeting Defaults or in the Lobby for a specific meeting by pressing “upload a custom image” and then pressing “Save”.
Pressing the ❌ on the top right of each image will allow you to delete it.
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Single Background for all Meetings

In Settings → Meeting Defaults you can select a single image, which will show with a blue border and “Save”, this mean that image will now show as the Lobby background for all your meetings, unless overridden on a per meeting basis.
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Different Background for Each Meeting

In Settings → Meeting Defaults when the toggle “Show a different background for each meeting” is selected, a random image from your collection will show for each meeting. Delete the images you don’t want to appear.
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Overriding Per Meeting

In the Lobby for a meeting, when editing that meeting you can select a new image as the background, which will only impact that meeting.

Relationship Specific Backgrounds

Each relationship (via Relationship “Settings”) can have a custom Lobby background that will only show for meetings in that relationship. Uploading and setting a default (blue border) means that all meetings in that relationship get that background by default. You can change the background from the meeting Lobby. For example; you might want to use a background with the buyer's company logo on it, to show how important they are to you.
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