Notes on Salesroom are a quick way to capture thoughts and moments to share and consume after the call. They are designed to stay out of your way so you can easily capture them while actively listening. Notes allow you to look back at the call and review what was said, with all the added context of the thoughts and understanding you had during the meeting.

Usage Instructions

Meeting Templates

Meeting Templates help you stay on track during meetings. Salesroom provides expertly crafted templates, and you can create your own. Templates are available in the Notes section of every meeting.
Meeting Templates

Team Notes

Only your team will see team notes.
Team notes allow your entire
to collaborate before, during and after a meeting. See team members contributing in real-time and receive notifications for changes when you are away.
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Syncing Outside Salesroom

After a meeting you can sync team notes directly with
Salesforce Integration
Salesforce Integration
HubSpot Integration
HubSpot Integration

Personal Notes

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View All Notes Together

The notes page allows you to see all the notes you have taken from all your meetings in one place, making them easy to scan, view and edit.